Advertising on the web-site is free and simple - just follow these steps:

Create your own add

Design your add on your PC and save it as a PDF/JPG or PNG file

Remember to include:

  • Description of car or item

  • Price

  • Lots of photos

  • Your contact details (as a minimum your name and Phone number)

Submit your add to the website

Remember to name your add with a good description


"Mahindra Scorpio, 2016, USD 11.000"

This is the first info a potential buyer will see!

Negotiate with the buyer

Negotiate with the potential buyers.

When sold, please send a message to the web-master using the "Cancel add" button below so the add can be removed

Send photos and text from your Mobile Phone

By Mobile Phone

Take photos of the car and send together with the following description

  • Make of car (i.e. "Ford")

  • Model (i.e. "Eco Sport")

  • Purchase year

  • Asking price

  • Description of car

  • Contact of seller - Name + Phone + e-mail

Please note that the advertiser is fully responsible for the content and accuracy of the add.

If an add contains inappropriate content it will be removed by the web-master without further notice.